Caffè Borbone USA is an extension of Caffè Borbone, Italy. The company was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Naples, Italy. The American firm was founded only a few years after and is quickly gaining a reputation for its quality and distinction.

Our Story

Thanks to our knowledge of the technicalities of espresso and steadfast perseverance, Caffe Borbone has become an example in terms of quality and constancy in the transformation of a difficult and delicate product. In Italy, Caffe Borbone is the main producer of espresso pods, however, the US branch is quickly gaining ground here in North America. On the heels of a success attributed to the high quality of our espresso and our endless effort to improve, we present ourselves to you, asking you to put us to the test. Try our coffee with our machines and you will discover that espresso can finally be a delight even in your own home.

The Legend

On the 10th of May 1734 AD, legend has it that Charles of Borbone, ruler of Naples and King of Spain, before arriving in Naples stopped at the monastery of the Minimi Friars just outside Porta Capuana. He had the desire to taste the dark beverage with the robust and distinct aroma of which he had been told. This brew was rumored to possess certain properties that would strengthen both body and soul. The friars had gone to great lengths to prepare the beverage for the new king, for they wanted to please him.

It is believed that this was the period during which the Neapolitan style of preparing coffee was born.

Two hundred and fifty years later, as technology changed and has transformed how coffee is made, the passion and attentiveness to the preparation of real coffee in the Neapolitan way is better and more improved than ever. Neapolitans are still known for preparing the finest and richest tasting cup of espresso in the world.