All methods to prepare coffee

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Posted on 08.24.23

How many ways are there to prepare coffee? It could be infinite, especially if you have read our article on coffees in the world ! However, this doesn’t include frothed, laced, with cream and so on, but the main methods of preparing coffee.

The different methods of preparing coffee

Espresso coffee

The first method we absolutely have to mention is the one we all know and love, espresso. Dense, fragrant and creamy, real Espresso coffee is what we can enjoy at the coffee shop and which is made with a special espresso machine.But of course, for some time now, you can also make your espresso at home, thanks to pod machines and machines designed for capsules, which produce an espresso that can be enjoyed at home!

Coffee with the Neapolitan coffee maker

Although not widespread, since it was replaced by the moka, in Italy before the latter arrived, the Neapolitan coffee maker was the most used to prepare coffee at home. However, true lovers of Neapolitan coffee still use it because it is the only one that can give an authentic Neapolitan coffee.

Coffee with moka

The moka is the most widespread system in Italy for preparing coffee at home. Although it seems that pod and capsule machines have been gaining the upper hand, especially in Italian homes for a few years now, the moka is still the most used system in Italy for preparing good coffee.

American coffee

It can only be prepared using the special drip coffee machines. Unlike Italian coffee, drip coffee is much larger (about 8 ounces) and has a much lighter taste. This is because the machine has a filter that retains most of the coffee aromas.But beware! A light taste does not mean less caffeine, in fact American coffee is able to extract almost 100% of the caffeine in the beans and ground coffee brewed.

Coffee with French Press and instant coffee

French coffee today is prepared with the French press or a machine like the one used for herbal teas, which allows you to make infusion coffee. Obviously this can also be done without the appropriate machine. Infusion coffee consists of pouring the ground coffee directly into hot water for a few minutes, then filtering it with a very narrow weave strainer.

The same method can be used with instant coffee which, mixed in hot water, will immediately give us a coffee to drink and without needing to be filtered. The coffee is dissolved in hot water, instantly.

Turkish coffee

To prepare Turkish coffee it is necessary to have a special copper strainer called "Cevze" in which two teaspoons of ground coffee are boiled, one of sugar and water.

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