New moka: how to have a good coffee right away

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Posted on 08.24.23

Even if electric models of coffee machines have now been created, the traditional moka has never suffered in popularity. Preferred by many coffee lovers, it continues to be our most faithful friend in the morning, as soon as we wake up, ready to make a good coffee to better face the day.

It may happen that with the new moka the first coffee is not exactly perfect, but there is a remedy for this, follow these steps to have a good coffee right away with the new moka.

3 steps for an excellent coffee with the new moka

Washing the new moka

The first thing to do as soon as you buy a new moka is to wash it carefully before using it. Regardless of the quality of the moka pot, it could be aluminum, glass or ceramic, the moka pot must be washed to remove all residues from industrial processing. It is important to use hot water and baking soda which have an antiseptic power and leave no odors. Vinegar, for example, would still have a good cleaning effect but it leaves a too strong smell which could remain in the moka and spoil the taste of the coffee.

Using the new moka "empty"

In the second step, the boiler of the new moka must be filled up to the valve, as is usually done, but the coffee filter must not be loaded. The boiling water will then pass through the filter and chimney of the new moka, cleaning it from manufacturing residues and any unpleasant odors or aftertastes during subsequent uses. This operation must be carried out at least twice in a row and obviously the water that has come out must be thrown away each time.

Give the new moka the smell of coffee

The last phase consists of steeping the new moka with the smell of coffee. To do this, just make some "disposable" coffee, that is, you have to load the moka pot with water as we usually do and then add just a teaspoon of coffee powder to the filter. This task must be repeated at least 2-3 times. Then, the new moka will begin to absorb the coffee aroma. This happens because the oils and waxes present in the coffee release a patina inside the filter which will act as an insulator from the metal.

The maintenance of the moka is very important, after use it should always be washed carefully but only with hot water. Soap should never be used otherwise it could break the insulating film left by the coffee oils and leave an unpleasant detergent taste. After washing, the moka must always be dried very well to prevent mold from forming.

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