From coffee, a natural remedy to ward off wasps, mosquitos, hornets and bees

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Posted on 08.24.23

Aromatic, exquisite, energizing... The variations of coffee are truly infinite and certainly its positive qualities are not limited to the taste. In fact, there are many alternative uses, which may be unknown to most people. Especially, in the "laying" recycling phase: from fertilizer for plants to face and body scrubs. But maybe you didn't know that coffee, especially in this state, is a natural remedy to ward off wasps, hornets and bees.

Here is a tested and apparently very effective natural remedy, ready to hit the target, without harming anyone. For best results, just place an old ceramic bowl, an ashtray, the lid of a metal jar or, more simply, a piece of aluminum foil outdoors in your garden, balcony or terrace and pour a few spoonfuls of ground coffee (not previously used) or even beans (but expect combustion to be slower) and then light the coffee on fire with a lighter or matches, similarly to a candle. The smoke and the strong and persistent smell, given off by the burnt coffee, will be unpleasant to the insects, which will keep them away for a few hours.

In fact, we hear more and more talk about the usefulness and indispensability, especially of bees, for the survival of the planet, also thanks to awareness campaigns. This does not mean that the idea of a possible sting doesn’t scare many people. This coffee-based repellent could be the right solution without the use of harsh chemicals. A very simple and affordable method for everyone, effective, it seems, even in the case of wasp nests built between the shutters or in the attics.

Try this fragrant trick at your next picnic or outdoor event. 

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