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Ischia Blend - K-Cup® Machine Compatible Pods

package_2 12 count
Ischia, lying like a mermaid overlooking the sea, inspired poets and singers. Away from the crowd, the thermal springs, ancientstreets, terraces, and viewpoints are places to visit alone at dawn, to commune with your soul. To this place, we dedicate …
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*Keurig K-Cup® are registered trademark of Keurig Green Mountain®, Inc.- Caffe Borbone Srl. is not affiliated with Keurig Green Mountain®, Inc. Commercially compostable only- BPI certification (facilities may not exist in your area). Easy recycling after use- the process applies if local rules allow it: the capsules will become soil fertilizer (compost), throw the used capsules in the food waste or organic waste bin, the waste is sent for industrial composting. Refer to your local recycling facility, not recycled in all communities.