Variety Pack Aluminum Nespresso®* Machine Compatible Capsules

package_2 100 count boxes
NOT COMPATIBLE WITH VERTUO Variety Pack with 3 Blends Aluminium Capsules Including Mia Napoli, Ciao Venezia, Magica Palermo  Tasting kit 100 aluminum capsules 40 miscela Mia Napoli (4 packs of 10) + 30 miscela Ciao Venezia (3 packs of 10) + 30 m…
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* Nespresso is a registered trademark of Societè des Produits Nestlè SA Caffè Borbone Srl is an independent producer not connected to the Societè des Produits Nestlè SA The compatibility of Caffè Borbone capsules is functional for use with Nespresso coffee machines for domestic use