We want to make coffee enjoyable for everyone: delicious for the drinker, sustainable for the environment, and responsible for those who harvest and process it.


For us at Caffè Borbone, sustainability comes first: the coffee sector has many sensitive aspects, and we feel a responsibility to take a virtuous approach in creating a responsible supply chain.

Caffè Borbone adopts its own Supplier Charter, which defines the principles to which suppliers of goods and services and contractors must align, in their direct activities, in contractual relationships with their possible sub-suppliers or sub-contractors and, in general, in the creation and management of the respective value chains.




Caffè Borbone benefits from the value of 278 motivated (overall turnover 16%, 31 hires and 13 departures) and specialized people. Direct employees, mainly and by election of local origin, are fully covered by the collective labor agreement. 18% of managerial positions are held by women.
The use of non-employee workers is significant, partly also necessary to support production rotations. In 2022 there were 48 between temporary workers, agents, self-employed workers and interns. Dialogue with the social partners flows in an open and constructive way, ensuring the protection of workers' health, the continuity of production activities and supporting the provision of training at all levels.